Espalar Wire Anchor | Espalar Wire Anchor | Simple fixing and tensioning
The wire tensioning and fixing solution that's easy to use. Ideal for short-run wire fences and espalier.
wire anchor
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Simple and stunning wire system for espaliered fruit trees, plants and flowers

The Espalar Wire Anchor system is a high quality method of installing wire systems for a range of multi-purpose applications including espaliered fruit trees, climbing plants and flowers. It is used by professional landscapers and is also used by gardeners and home handymen as a DIY solution. It is ideal to use as a support wire for espalier, with its innovative design simplifying the task of keeping wires taut and in place. The system is easy to setup and install yourself using our ‘Do It Yourself’ instruction guide.

The Espalar Wire Anchor System:

  • Post to Post
  • Wooden fence palings
  • Concrete and brick
  • High quality materials with 10 year warranty
  • Attractive and versatile design
  • Easy technique for re-tensioning wires
  • Easy to install yourself using our ‘How To Guide’

The Espalar Wire Anchor system can be used for post-to-post wire installations, as well as installations on the face of wooden fencing or walls by using eye screws or our specially designed radial wire guide for fixing. The Espalar components are durable and the unique design allows for simple re-tensioning of wire when necessary.

The Espalar Wire Anchor system is an easy way to set up espalier – a drill, pop rivet gun and wire cutters are the only 3 tools needed for the job.


espalier frameworks

home garden

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trellis netting supports


How To Espalier with Espalar Starter Kits

Our Starter Kits are designed to get you underway with your first espalier project.

Starter kits are available for post mounting and surface mounting on timber, concrete, brick etc. The surface mounted kits vary to suit light-weight, heavy-duty and diamond espalier projects. To find out whether your project is light-weight or heavy-duty please see details of each in the table below. Each kit contains all the components you will need to set up an espalier framework. This is a cost-effective way to be introduced to the Espalar system.


Surface Mounted
  • Espaliered fruit trees
  • Fences
  • Higher tension / heavy loading
  • High tension over short span.

Our Heavy-duty Starter Kit is ideal for these projects.



Starter Kits
Horizontal espalier fruit tree trained on stone wall


Wire threaded through posts
  • Growing frame for climbing plants
  • Privacy screening
  • Perfect for fruit trees
  • Tomatoes, beans, peas etc

Our Post-Mounted Starter Kit is ideal for these projects.



The fence panel above is 8.2ft (2.5m) w X 6.5ft (2m) h.



This creates a stylish pattern when growing vines, such as star jasmine, clematis or bougainvillea. This system can be used for fixing onto timber fences, concrete block, or brick substrates, using screw plugs.


The fence panel above is 9.8ft (3m) w X 6.5ft (2m) h.



When using the Espalar system in coastal environments where corrosive elements such as salt air can affect the durable life of wire, we recommend AWG 12 (2 mm) stainless steel wire rope (this is not braided wire). Both the Anchor Platform and Radial Wire Guides should also be used for more durable fixing.


  • AWG 12 (2 mm) stainless steel wire rope (this is not braided wire).
  • Espalar system mounts (anchor platform and radial wire guides)
  • Wire rope and all components available from our online store.
Customers Projects
Espalier Inspiration


New Zealand-made, invented
and designed! Espalar Wire
Anchor ® patent pending.

Espalar Wire Anchor – simple and versatile

Home Garden

The simplicity of the Espalar Wire Anchor makes it ideal for use by the home gardener.


A convenient way to rig support wires for espaliering fruit trees.

Growing Frame

Ideal for providing wire support for climbing plants.

No More Sag

The system allows for easy re-tensioning of wire with pop rivet gun after removing tension cap.

No Special Tools

A drill, pop rivet gun and wire cutters are the only tools you need.

Sleek Design

The Espalar Wire Anchor is visually appealing providing a clean and tidy appearance.

Got a project in mind?

You can get all the components you will need to get the job done at our online store.