Espalar Kits

The surface mounted kits are perfect for mounting espaliered trees and fruit trees and any heavy plants onto timber fences and timber, concrete or brick walls.

The post mounted kits are perfect as a growing frame for climbing plants or vegetables such as beans, tomatoes and peas as well as small fruit trees and vines. This system is also great for creating your very own privacy screen. 

Espalar Surface Mounted Kit

You can create a stylish horizontal espalier or diamond pattern espalier for growing fruit bearing trees or vines such as passion fruit, jasmine, clematis, bougainvillea or grow beans/peas vertically. Easy to assemble and re-tighten. Components are high grade UV resistant plastic. Includes 30 metres of stainless steel wire rope – enough to build a 1.0 metre x 1.9 metre horizontal espalier design or diamond espalier design. Makes an unattractive wall or fence into a work of art!

Espalar Post Mounted Kit

This heavy duty post mounted kit is perfect when you don’t have a fence but want to create an espalier for fruit trees, grape vines or simply create a privacy screen. Components are high grade UV resistant PVC and wont rust. 98 ft (30m) of stainless steel wire is included with this kit and is enough to create a horizontal 4 wire espalier panel 13 ft (4.0m) x 6 1/2 ft (1.9m). This system can be run vertically as well creating an aesthetically pleasing design which is not obtrusive and looks great while plants are growing.